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Advanced Safety offers one or two day tower certifications, both competent climber and authorized climber certifications are accredited through NATE. 

COMPETENT CLIMBER -  TWO DAY Course designed to train experienced climbers, advanced Fall Protection & equipment, Rescue Techniques, OSHA/ANSI requirements, Rescue Planning and Hazard Assessments.

This program is designed to identify and comply with federal OSHA regulations on "Fall Protection." The program will cover Tower climbing requirements. Through classroom lecture, this course will focus on hazard identification, product selection, training, and employee/employers responsibilities. Course content includes: regulations, fall forces and the body, equipment selection, care and use, anchorage, protective systems and rescue requirements. Classroom lesson plans and hands-on sessions will be conducted to certify students in fall protection. Students must provide their own fall protection equipment, gloves, boots and hard hat.

This class is for anyone who works at heights and has to use fall protection. Job positions that require vertical climbing, such as found in the construction industry, tower industry, power/utility industry, or perhaps positions that deal with climbing non-traditional structures, are working in an inherently dangerous occupation.

 We are using the NATE standard due to their knowledge and dedication to facilitating safety, education and standards for tower erection, service, maintenance industry. The NATE Tower Climbing Training Standard was developed to bring consistency to the training of tower climbers by establishing the minimum standards to which all climbers should be trained. Advanced Safety agrees and recognizes NATE as the Primary Standard to which we will instruct and use for our clients.

AUTHORIZED CLIMBER - ONE DAY Course designed to train Fall Protection & equipment, OSHA/ANSI requirements, for individuals new to the Tower Climbing industry.

OSHA requires 100% tie-off for FALL PROTECTION. Being 100% tied-off guarantees no accidental injuries or death from falls. Training is necessary to guarantee correct knowledge and usage of personal fall arrest systems. Even with the most seasoned climber, the potential for falls exist. The newest OSHA requirement is not only for fall protection training, but for the vertical rescue training of personnel in the event that a climber cannot get down. OSHA and/or your client will require a vertical rescue plan and training in vertical rescue.

Advanced Safety designed a 60' structure on our location for fall protection & rescue training. The tower was designed to give the climber the experience of using a ladder to climb, using pegs to climb, the use of a safe climbing device, and other features. 


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